Strategy & Business Development

We create your path to business beyond sustainability

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, innovation is needed in order for businesses to thrive. Now is the time to drive fundamental change, and create competitive advantage beyond sustainability. Release potential. Reduce risk.

We offer strategic and business development for companies and organizations that want to drive sustainable change.

Our offerings span from sparring to implementing entire business models. All based on design principles and collaboration. We always provide a multidisciplinary team, and ensure the involvement of your key stakeholders along the way.

Our offerings also include us sorting out the large mix of letters and terms such as The SDG’s, Green Deal, EU taxonomy, Norway’s Transparency Act, and the myriad of other factors that make up the above-mentioned business landscape.

Sustainability can seem like a large task at hand. Our goal is to reduce its complexity, increase (mutual) understanding and unlock your potential.

Deep Insights and Analysis

Get new perspectives on human behavior, services, trends, and your future market.

Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Find the answers to where you are, where you should be going and how to reach an attractive future position.

ESG Transformation

Use your ESG frameworks and reporting data as tools for business transformation and strategic innovation.

Brand Purposing

Unite users, employees, investors, and the planet around one strategically founded narrative.

Concept Development

Bring ideas to life through value propositions, visualization, experimentation and prototyping.

Future Business Models

Implement concepts as new products, services, business areas, partnerships and companies.

Organizational Design

Design the team, innovation structure and partnerships that matches your strategy.

Change Agents and Advisors

Hire our experts for a shorter period or utilize our knowledge in sparring sessions.

Want to discuss your opportunities with us?

Bård Skjørtorp

Executive Advisor & Head of Strategy

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