Tipping points: Time Horizons and Agency as Keys to Change

Thu, Sep 28, 07:00–09:00
ÆRA, Torggata 8, 0181 Oslo

Join us in understanding how climate tipping points will influence all life on our planet. This event is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2023.

About this event

Climate tipping points are well documented and will influence all life on our planet. Politicians, companiesand organisations recognise the need for change. Yet, we return to business as usual.

Why is the current ‘normal’ so sticky?

The time horizons of the crises we face are quite different from what we are used to handle as leaders and investors.

We will share conceptual frameworks and give concrete points of action to help you ease the stickiness and take lead in the change we need.


  • Personal experiences and tipping points
    Anne Lene Borgan & Eirik Langås, ÆRA
  • Introduction to tipping points
    Manjana Milkoreit & Christina Nadeau, UiO
  • Q&A
  • Short break with discussions and coffee
  • Time and long-term perspectives in strategic decision making
    Manjana Milkoreit, UiO
  • Sustainable transformation through systems innovation
    Svein Kjøde, UiO & ÆRA